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Walnut Almond + Seed Butter

Whether its in smoothies, on sandwiches, drizzled over ice cream, smeared on pancakes, or eaten directly from the jar with a spoon, let’s just say I stand firm when I say that Nut Butter makes everything BETTER. This recipe combines three simple ingredients, contains zero additives and is so easy to make you will never want store-bought PB again!

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coffee vanilla peanut butter

I am still waiting for “nut butter” to be considered its own food group! And just when I thought my love for it couldn’t get any stronger, THIS came into my life. COFFEE VANILLA PEANUT BUTTER is a gift from the Gods and it seriously goes amazing on everything. Get the recipe here and try it for yourself. You WILL not be disappointed!

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cinnamon sugar protein muffins

I'm a big fan of putting healthy twists into traditional comfort food, and these muffins are no exception! Made with KODIAK pancake/waffle mix and other simple healthy ingredients, these muffins provide a healthy punch of protein and just the right amount of sweetness making for a great grab and go breakfast or healthy snack!  

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