the health benefits of side bends

Side bends are probably my favorite stretches in the WORLD. Not just because they look somewhat graceful when photographed (HA) but because they literally balance and elongate SO many muscles in your body. If you spend a ton of time sitting (and slouching) give the below instructions a try and see HOW YOU FEEL afterwards! Oh by the way, this can literally be done ANYWHERE!


sidebend yoga pose

START standing with your feet together and your arms straight overhead. Grab your right wrist with your left hand and gently lean over to the left. PAUSE and hold for a few deep breaths.

INHALE come back to center and then repeat it on the other side. 
REPEAT this 3-5 times on both sides and walk away feeling AMAZING!

PS, I am going to be creating a yoga/fitness series for this blog, IGTV and YouTube! I want to know what kind of stretches/workouts YOU'D like to see!

Send me an email and LET ME KNOW! 😁