Positive Energy Meditation

This meditation is for cultivating positivity and positive energy within yourself! 

Set Up:

  • Start seated upright in a comfortable position.

  • Lengthen the spine, relax the shoulders and close the eyes. 

  • Take a few deep clearing breaths.

  • Once you feel grounded, take a moment to consider some positive affirmations about yourself.

  • Choose the first affirmation that comes to mind and ask yourself: 

    -Is this thought true? Listen to what arises when you ask yourself that question.

    -Where do you feel it in the body? 

  • If you experience any self doubt of negative self talk, can you push that aside and step into the idea that it is TRUE?

    - How does that make you feel? 

    - What emotions come up?

    - Take a moment to sense this in the body. Where do you feel it? 

  • Breathe in the affirmation and notice the emotions and physical feelings associated. 

  • Take a few deep breaths, breathing in confidence and exhaling doubt.

  • Gently blink the eyes open and allow the confidence to be infused throughout the rest of your day.