Brain Dump Meditation

OVERTHINKING leads to OVERWHELM, which leads to...
in my case, a WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING.

Do you ever feel like you have a MILLION and a HALF things going on in your mind but have NO way to process it all?

It's like, you KNOW what you need to be doing, but your never ending to do list for your family, your business, your health, your LIFE just keeps getting longer every damn day?

As someone who is ALWAYS on the hunt for ways to simplify my life (this includes my own thoughts) doing an occasional BRAIN DUMP has been a game changer for organizing my thoughts, de-stressing my mind and getting clear on WHAT it is that is keeping me in a funk! TRY IT OUT!

  • Grab a pen & journal and get comfy.

  • Sit up tall, relax your shoulders and close your eyes.

  • Take a feel DEEP breaths, INHALE through your nose, EXHALE out of your mouth. This will help get you chilled out for your journaling!

  • Once you feel cool, calm & collected...put your pen to the paper and start to write (KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED & please DON'T OVERTHINK THIS PART)!

  • Allow yourself to be completely open to whatever comes up for you, and write it down/draw it on the paper without judgment! Different thoughts, images and ideas may start to come up for you, write them ALL down as they surface.

  • After you spend some time “journaling” gently blink the eyes open and reflect on what you see. Take a HUGE breath IN and a HUGE breath out. ⠀

The key here is to NOT get overwhelmed try not to get overwhelmed. This can serve as a great visual representation of what has been taking up space in your mind and where you have been spending your energy!
I am curious WHAT came up for you? Let me know in the comments below. OR send me a DM if you need help making sense of all that came up for you!