PBB Power Oat Bowl

I've made it known that I am a "simple gal" when it comes to breakfast. HOMEMADE Cereal, Granola and OATS are my go-tos for when I want solid morning FUEL without all the added processed junk.


I call this my PB Banana POWER OAT BOWL.

I love it for the energy, the protein and the pure amazingness of flavor and texture combinations. I usually make 2-3 single servings of this on Sunday when I meal prep, then just dump it in a bowl and add boiling water when I am ready to devour it!

Here is my FAVORITE recipe!

Combine all the ingredients, add boiling water (to the consistency you like), EAT & ENJOY! 

Serve with 1 banana either sliced on the top or just eat it on the side.

What is YOUR favorite breakfast?!

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BreakfastMelissa Fabiano