[free resource] self love meditation + journal

In honor of NEDA Awareness week, I want to talk about the importance of SELF CARE and SELF LOVE.


It is no secret that we live in a fast-paced and chaotic world. Whether we are absorbing what we see on the news and social media, or trying to maintain some level of sanity juggling our careers, our health, our family and social lives, and any other obligations we are tied to, it can be extremely difficult to “quiet the mind” and come up for air!

Before I began my yoga and personal development journey, I was completely unaware of the mind-body connection. I thought mindfulness was for hippies and honestly, I was really only concerned with how much I was exercising and what I was eating on a regular basis. To be honest, I was obliv­ious to the fact that taking care of my mental health was just as important as the physical aspect of my wellbeing.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety, lack of confidence/self esteem and feeling over­whelmed on a regular basis, I have learned that taking time out of my day (even if it is only for a few minutes) to mentally recharge is necessary for me to stay focused and feeling my best!

Mindfulness and deep breathing practices are only components of “mindful living” but they are powerful tools to incorporate into our daily lives. Some benefits of meditation and deep breathing include:

  • Reduced stress

  • Improved concentration

  • Relaxation

  • Improved Self Image 

I have learned over the years that sometimes we need to step away from the outside world in order to reconnect with ourselves.

This Self Love Meditation is designed to do just that! This is one of my go-to practices when I need a pick me up and/or confidence boost!